The Maps and Plans collection features 1336 pieces, out of which 467 are maps and 869 are plans, as well as works of particular value from the 15th – 20th centuries.

The collection encompasses cartographic works produced by Abraham Ortelius (1595), I.B. Homann, W. Lazius and G. Mercator, mainly representing Europe, the Balkan Countries, the United Principalities of Romania and the flow of the Danube River.

Other items within the collection were made by R.A. Borroczyn (1852), Pappazoglu (1871), Hiotu (1871) and Pântea (1921), depicting the city of Bucharest.

The collection also features various plans for domains and systemization studies.

The objects, a lot of them unique, are of significant importance for both Museum specialists and interested researchers.