About Us

A Museum on the Map of Future

Bucharest, like any other city in which we spend a considerable part of our lives, can become a passion, because it changes as we do, like a living organism. Its image has evolved according to our spiritual characteristics, kept in the “window” of our own lives, – our physiognomy. The city’s looks change together with our looks due to a very interesting mimesis, because together we form a living organism that lives and dies symbiotically.

The Bucharest Municipality Museum has oriented its research projects and narrative exhibits towards explaining the near future through the instruments of a journey situated both in the present and in the past, having as an example the fact that every one of us is s result of the projection of the future of our parents and, at the same time, we prepare our own projection of the future through our children. A line is never drawn; it is a continuous journey that one must prepare for with every age and with every generation, a journey which consumes what we call history.

The Bucharest Municipality Museum is gradually redefining museum mechanisms and manages to give life to objects through ample narrative messages, which include the future in the past tense. We are interested in prognosis, how our children will grow old, how they will mature, how technology changes our lifestyle.

As a consequence, BMM’s strategy is to help each visitor to refine their perspective on their own life and to include it, slowly but surely, on the map of their own future. This map of the future starts with each person’s personal museum, from life events, professional and social experiences lived at every age, and finally forms a manual for young users of personal cartography. The story of each of us can help our children to develop a personal museum where they can gather adaptability skills, a set of positive feelings and emotions, antidotes for times of restlessness and, of course, the memory of each step forward.

It must be said that at BMM profession is associated with passion, and our team’s passion for Bucharest is long-lasting and touches every visitor entering our door, a passion sprung from our personnel’s training and our dedication to present the story of the ever-changing city in the most relevant manner possible.

The Bucharest Municipality Museum has opened gates to help society reinvent itself, to give it multiple possibilities do discover itself and, especially, to offer everyone the great joy of a potential start with every age that ends. The museum has become the place where one can meet the borderline that can be crossed through the desire to shape oneself, to shape one’s life, and thus, by openly talking about it, offering other people the example of professional success.

Finally, it must be noted that the Museum is a cultural projection of the community. It reconstitutes a timing between cultural projections based on age, professions, education, innovation expectancies and originality. The community has a constant rhythm of modernization, and the Museum has to be an integral part of it. The community is a living organism, and the Museum is product of its exterior representation for itself and, especially, for those around it.

My main objective is for us to become a small part of the life of each Bucharestian, starting from childhood, and to contribute to the educational, cultural, economic advance of our city in a European context.

Dr. Adrian Majuru

Manager of the Bucharest Municipality Museum


The team:

  • Dan Pîrvulescu – Deputy Manager
  • Elena Olariu – Deputy Manager
  • Vasile Opriș – History Department
  • Theodor Ignat – Archaeology Department
  • Angelica Iacob – Arts Department
  • Daniela Lupu – Research, Library and Archives Department
  • Eliana Radu – Public Relations, Marketing and Cultural Projects Department
  • Silvia Zamfir – Social and Urban Anthropology Department
  • Ortanța Constantin – Patrimony and Computerized Centralized Accounts Department
  • Barbu Mihăiescu – Technical-Administrative, SSM, PSI Department
  • Maria Drăgan – Human Resources Department