O tranzacţie numismatică de la începutul secolului al XX-lea în Bucovina – 2

  • DEJAN Monica
  • OSTAFI George
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Excerpt A numismatic transaction in the beginning of the 20th century in Bucovina.
The paper presents the activity in a local museum in Bucovina at the beginning of the 20th century. The collections of the Bucovina Museum keep a few documents about the early stages of numismatic preoccupations in Suceava, conducted by Josef Fleischer and Alfred von Peyersfeld, the first curators of the museum. Some of these documents are related to monetary discoveries made in the city and its surroundings, the most important having been sent to Czernowitz or Vienna. In the same time, the curators from Suceava had a long correspondence with various personalities from Czernowitz, Vienna and other cities from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Open in 1900, the museum had interesting collections with discoveries made in the Fortress of Suceava and in the city, including around 2500 coins, especially from the Medieval Age. Over time, Alfred von Peyersfeld (Josef Fleischer died soon after the opening of the museum) enriched the numismatic collection with the discoveries from Suceava, but also by buying coins from antiquarians.
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  • Revista de Cercetări Arheologice şi Numismatice; IV; anul 2018
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