On October 13th-15th 2018, the Bucharest Municipality Museum is hosting “The years have gone by…”, a photography exhibition displaying 30 photographs belonging to My Dear Bucharest Association, grouped under the name “The ‘90s Bucharest – the 2018 Bucharest ”. These photographs will allow the visitors to compare and see the differences between the way our city looked like at the start of the ‘90s and how it looks now.


The exhibition opening will take place on Thursday, September 13th 2018, 18:30, in the courtyard of the Suțu Palace – the Bucharest Municipality Museum, with Adrian Majuru, manager of BMM, as guest of honor.


“Right after the Revolution we all believed that everything will suddenly change for the good, that we will become Westerns overnight… How naïve we were! At the start of the ‘90s Bucharest looked uglier than in the ‘80s, unfinished constructions, ruins of demolished houses, people dressed in grey colors… The first private initiatives started to emerge, especially in the media, along with Turkish breads and TEC juices. It’s interesting for me that I’ve been photographing Bucharest less than I did during the communist times, almost as if the city doesn’t need me anymore, doesn’t need my photographs.

In the meantime some places have disappeared, and some others have come back to life, the city is almost a different one. I invite you to see if and how the city has changed during these past years, a then-and-now type of exhibition: The ‘90s Bucharest – The 2018 Bucharest. Victoriei Avenue, the Văcărești Nature Park, Grozăvești, Timpuri Noi, Titan, are 30 photographs of the ’90 Bucharest that I took, face to face with the ones from today taken by Adrian Mitu, Alexandru Iordan, Alexandru Roibu, Andrei Bîrsan, Andrei Pîslaru, Andreia Bîrsan, Camelia Stan, Cosmin Andrei, Cristi Moise, Dan Șendroiu, Daniel Mihai, Denise Fătulescu, Eliza Breajen, Florian Marin, Florin Petrescu, Gabriela Mihailă, Georgiana Codrescu, Ioan Herișanu, Luciana Gingărașu, Mădălina Macovei, Mihaela Bîrsan, Mihai Andrieș, Mihai Petre, Paulina Șelaru, Radu Iacob, Roberto Iosupescu, Sabin Prodan, Sorin Panait” – Andrei Bîrsan, President of My Dear Bucharest Association.