The sculpture collection encompasses plaques, monument clay models, studies in clay or plaster, busts, works of both Romanian and foreign sculptors.

Consistently attempting to keep the Capital’s memory alive, the curators of this collection have gathered in time varied illustrative materials, regarding several important historical figures – mainly from the political and cultural spheres – as well as pieces which are important because of their artistic qualities.

Among the artists whose works are featured within the collections are Ioan Georgescu, Dimitrie Paciurea, Oscar Hann, Boris Caragea and Frederik Storck, whose contributions edified a veritable visual chronicle of Romanian life. Works depicting great rulers of Romanian lands, such as Mircea the Elder, Stephen the Great, Michael the Brave, Constantin Brancoveanu and Vasile Lupu, as well as busts portraying political figures such as Nicolae Bălcescu, C.A. Rosetti, I.G. Duca etc. are also present within the collections.

The work “Napoleon the 3rd on his deathbed” by French sculptor Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux is of particular artistic value, and is part of the present collection.