The Museum of Ages – from Childhood to Senescence is a story focusing not only on private life, but also on the evolution of relations between generations during the past three hundred years within the Romanian urban environment, taking Bucharest as a case study. A story about what a day in our life would have been like from the 18th century onwards.

The first objective: to approach and familiarize adolescents and young people with what they will become in thirty or forty years. They will have to continually adapt to external factors of pressure (evolution of society and professionalization) and internal modelling factors (the family and entourage privacy).

The second objective: the understanding of your age through the prism of similar ages, lived perhaps in a different fashion by other generations in the past, as well as the acknowledgement of the necessity for developing skills, used to adapt to the ages to follow, as each case requires: adolescence, adulthood and senescence, always in relation to social demands and professional projects.

The third objective: how can we build a life project based on similar models whose route was consumed during the past generations? The success of a life project, nothing more than a factor of balance between career and privacy – always holds the adaptation instruments that you built alone. They were built to stay competitive with the evolution of technology, but they were also built to bring something new, to add value to your profession, and thus extra comfort for the years to come.

The Filipescu-Cesianu House’s new base exhibition can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday, between 10h00 and 18h00 (ticket office closes at 17:30)