The miscellanea collection is composed of 783 objects, such as decorative pieces, household items, with wooden, metal, ceramic, marble or, more rarely, glass parts.

Most of the collection’s pieces were produced in workshops in England, Austria, Hungary, Russia, France and also Romania, while a small part is of Oriental make, from the 19th-20th centuries.

The objects which belonged to important figures are of particular interest, objects such as the desk kit attributed to the Rosetti family. Ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza’s pipe (made of rosewood and marked with the ruler’s monogram), the jewelry case of Lady Elena Cuza, which contains various tools used and items used in beauty rituals, the pool cue with Alexandru Ioan Cuza’s monogram, a gold-covered silver and enamel cigarette case, a silver snuff box (with monogram), a silver hookah, a hookah tip with a silver lid (dated and featuring a monogram) and a silver belt ink-pot.