The collection is housed by the house of the two artists, built between 1911 and 1913 by architect Alexander Clavel, on Vasile Alecsandri Str, Bucharest. It features over 2400 pieces donated to the Municipality between 1951 and 1983. Its base exhibition has over 200 works of art on display: paintings, sculptures, sketches, religious items. Marble, bronze, wood and cast plaster works represent relevant pieces for the creation of the three Storck family sculptors: Karl, the first sculpture teacher at the Bucharest School of Fine Arts (founded in 1864), author of the first statue placed in a public space – that of Mihail Cantacuzino, in front of Colţea Hospital – and his two sons, Carol Storck, who produced many monumental statues as well as funerary monuments, and Frederic Storck, husband of Cecilia Cuţescu – herself a noteworthy artist, the first female professor in the European art school system. Out of the artiste’s works, the collection features painted landscapes of Balchik, European perspectives and portraits. The mural paintings decorating the artist’s workshop are also remarkable.

Among the works above-mentioned, the collection also features works signed by Romeo Kuntzer Storck or Gabriela and Cecilia-Frederica Storck-Botez, children of the two founding artists, as well as representative creations signed by Carol Popp de Szathmari and Alexander Satmari.