The decorative art – porcelain collection encompasses 4747 pieces, valuable from an artistic and historical point of view and representative for the 19th and 20th centuries.

The collection’s most remarkable pieces are the Sevres, Meissen and Alt Wien porcelain decorative items, and, in some cases, for household use. Among these there are also items bearing the United Principalities of Romania coat-of-arms and the motto “All in One” (a set of glasses, a lidded bonbon container and a platter), the ones with the Sutu family coat-of-arms (a set of glasses, a jug, plates, saucers and a bonbon container);, those bearing the Hohenzollern coat-of-arms (mug), the plate bearing the Royal coat-of-arms and the Romanian counties’ emblems, plates with the monogram and crown symbol of Al. I Cuza, the dinnerware set attributed to the Cantacuzino family, the decorative piece within its original case, attributed to Queen Maria, and the plate with the portrait of Mihail Kogălniceanu.

In what regards faience items, the collection features vases, plateaus, plates and bowls produced by British workshops, special orders made on the occasion of several historic events, depicting royal figures and battle scenes. Alongside these there are also faience pieces from Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

The collection’s crown piece is a Meissen porcelain chandelier formed of 4 pieces, from the 18th century.