On Wednesday, July 18th 2018, at the Suțu Palace, the Bucharest Municipality Museum together with Romfilatelia, launched two philatelic albums in an event opened to the public.

The albums are edited in a bilingual Romanian-English edition and represent the result of a partnership between the two institutions, with the purpose of promoting the Romanian artistic values and of supporting collective memory with regards to highly important historical events.

The importance of the albums for Bucharest’s artistic patrimony was presented during the opening event by Archt. Tomnița Florescu, the Capital’s Vice-Mayor, Cristina Popescu, director of Romfilatelia, Adrian Majuru, Manager of the Bucharest Municipality Museum and Marian Constantin, assistant manager of BMM.

The album called “The Bucharest Municipality Pinacotheque 1933-2018” is based on the four stamps and the two “first day of emission” envelopes which are part of the philatelic emission “The Bucharest Municipality Pinacotheque, 85 years”, launched on April 27th 2018. The collection is completed by 15 more stamps relating to the Pinacotheque’s patrimony, issued between 1911 and 2017, thus completing a philatelic image of Romanian history of painting.

A limited edition of this collection is represented by the philatelic map of eight illustrated stamps with images of paintings signed by Gheorghe Petrașcu, Ștefan Luchian, Theodor Pallady, Nicolae Grigorescu, Octav Băncilă and Camil Ressu, including the four stamps of the “The Bucharest Municipality Pinacotheque, 85 years” emission.

The volume called “The Romanian Renaissance in Paintings” contains the philatelic emission issued on February 16th 2018, on the anniversary of 170 years since the 1848 Revolution. On the 8 lei stamp there appears the painting “Romania’s Renaissance”, made by Gheorghe Tattarescu in 1850. The album also presents the envelope “The first day of the philatelic emission”, as well as the undated strip on the same theme of Romanian Renaissance. The album’s collection is completed by 11 other stamps, part of the emissions based on national themes such as “120 years since the 1848 Revolution”, “Art reproductions”, 1968, “375 years since the first political union of the Romanian Countries”, 1975, “Art reproductions – Gheorghe Tattarescu”, 1979, and the “the Flag Day”, 1998.

The volumes can be purchased at the gift shops of the Bucharest Municipality Museum, together with other three albums of the same collaboration: “The Bucharest Municipality Museum – collections of the community history and elites”, “Bucharest, Romania’s Capital for 155 years” and “Mihail Kogălniceanu, a lider of modern Romanian culture and history.”