Ia și Icoana/ Haină și Poveste Românească — 2

On Friday, March 1st 2019, the “Dr. Nicolae Minovici” Folk Art Museum, part of the Bucharest Municipality Museum, will host a special event-activity which is part of the National Competition “Romanian Culture and Civilization”.

The activity is organized by the History Department of the “Aurel Vlaicu” Theoretical High-school in Breaza, Prahova County, and its partners: the Victorion Luxury Fashion society, the Breaza Town-hall, the “Ion Manolescu” Cultural Center of Breaza.

The event is accompanied by a thematic exhibition opened at “Dr. Nicolae Minovici” Folk Art Museum which can be visited during the 1st – 8th of March 2019. Titled “The Ia and the Ikon, Romanian Garment and Story”, the exhibition will display 35 Romanian traditional blouses (ia) and 15 ikons painted by Ileana Dragomirescu. The exhibition is coordinated by Anda Mănescu, manager of Victorion Luxury Fashion SRL and Professor Vasile Focșeneanu.

The image of the Breaza “ia” will be accompanied by the folk music ensemble “Cala Breaza” and folk music singer Florica Jinga.

We look forward to seeing you there!