Exhibition: “The Comic Strip Publications of the Bucharest Municipality Museum”

On Tuesday November 13th 2018, 17:00, at the Suțu Palace, the Bucharest Municipality Museum organized the opening of the exhibition “The Comic Strip Publications of the Bucharest Municipality Museum”.

On this occasion, the museum will also announce the opening of the first public comic strip library in Romania. A national call will encourage comic strip enthusiasts and collectors to take part in creating an archive of Romanian and foreign comic strips that can be studied for free by anyone interested.

The history of comic strips has had a different trajectories in different cultures. Researchers consider that the first comic strips can be traced down to prehistoric times, such as the paintings in the Lascaux cave in France. Up until the 20th century, comic strips developed especially in the United States, Western Europe (mainly France and Belgium) and Japan.

Theoreticians and historians haven’t yet agreed on how to define comic strips; some highlight the combinations of images and text, some highlight their sequentiality or other image relationships, and historic aspects, such as mass reproduction and use of recurrent characters.

The exhibition can be visited from the 13th to the 30th of November 2018.