Painting Exhibition “Centenary – Superheroes in Action”

The Bucharest Municipality Museum – The Suțu Palace, would like to announce a new painting exhibition created as part of the project ”Centenary – 100 Superheroes in Action”. This project was supported and co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration, together with the Bucharest School Inspectorate, the Bucharest Municipality Museum, ”Nicolae Tonitza” Fine Arts Highschool, ”Hans Mattis Tutch” Fine Arts Highschool in Brașov, ”Queen Mary” Fine Arts Highschool in Alba Iulia, Down Plus Association in Bucharest, Mia’s Children Association and “High Steward Constantin Cantacuzino” Secondary School in Isvoarele commune. The exhibition can be visited from the 6th to the 11th of November 2018.

This project aims to celebrate the Centenary in a unique way, by bringing together different social categories that use painting as means of expression. Another aim is to direct the young public toward good quality cultural events, to honor the memory of important Romanian historical figures that took part in the Great Union of 1918 and to promote future Romanian artists.

By getting young people involved in such projects we are forming new generations of responsible people, who will be actively involved in the future of our country, a generation that will honor and continue the work of our ancestors. The members of the communities will find out that art is generally extremely beneficial, and children should take part in such projects as often as possible.

The project is promoting an interactive and open cultural environment, accessible to everyone and representative of a great variety of tastes and cultural needs. This result can be achieved by diversifying and involving as much of the public as possible in varied cultural activities, including the support of amateur practitioners.

The project “Centenary 100 – Superheroes in Action” wishes to be only the beginning of our celebration of the Great Union Centenary through the large use of art in non-formal cultural education, so that attention will be brought on the need of national unity, tolerance and community involvement, but also on the implementation of these extracurricular activities in school programs in Romania.