History of Art Association, in partnership with the Bucharest Municipality Museum and the “Brancovan Palaces from Mogoșoaia” Cultural Centre, cordially invite you to attend the opening of the exhibition „The Brancovan Establishments: 1835 – 2015” on Wednesday, April 6th, 18:30, which will be open to the public from April 6th to May 15th 2016 in the Lapidarium Room of the Filipescu-Cesianu House. The event’s speakers are art historians Angelica iacob, Mădălina Mirea, oana Marinache and urbanist Andrei Popescu.

The exhibition is composed of a series of unique historical photographs and virtual reconstructions of the Brancovan Hospital and “Princess Bălașa” Asylum. The research was undertaken by Oana Marinache and part of the photographs come from the collections of Andrei Slăvuţeanu, Ceyar Petre Buiumaci and Emanuel Bădescu. Cristian Gache created the exhibition’s concept design and Andrei Popescu created the virtual reconstructions.

In 2015 we celebrated 180 years since the founding testament of ban-lady Safta Brâncoveanu and 130 years since the construction of the fourth “Domnița Bălașa” Church, and also 30 years since the demolition of the complex in the city center.

Between the 15th of September and 15th of November 2015, History of Art Association unveiled its project “The Brancovan Establishments: 1835 – 2015” with the support of National Cultural Fund Administration on it III/2015 session, Material Cultural Heritage.

Partners: the National Archives of Romania, the Romanian Architects Order, the “Brancovan Palaces from Mogoșoaia” Cultural Centre, „Friedrich Sciller” Cultural House, Urban Ideas, the Bucharest Municipality Museum, the Old and New Bucharest, Bucur’s City, My Dear Bucharest, Historical-Architectural Analysis, Logotype.