Date noi privind circulaţia monedelor de argint emise la Istros în nordul Mării Negre (sec. V-IV a.Chr.)

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Excerpt New data regarding the circulation of silver coins issued at Istros in the northern Black Sea (5th-4th centuries BC).
The author presents 107 silver coins of Istros found on different numismatic sites from Ukraine and Russia. All these coins belong to the first two groups of issues of this city, dated in the 5th century and in the first decades of the 4th century BC. There are 64 coins from Group I (1 silver stater, 63 obols), 31 coins from Group II (20 silver staters, 11 obols), and a batch comprising 12 obols from both groups (I and II) most probably coming from a hoard. As a matter offact, other parts of coin hoards can be found among the pieces presented. The coins mentioned above come from an area stretching from the mouth of the Danube to the Dnieper, possibly, but less likely, to the Crimea, indicating a certain direction of circulation of the early silver coins of Istros, even in lack of reliable information on the place and conditions of the discovery.
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  • Revista de Cercetări Arheologice şi Numismatice; III; anul 2017
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