• Address: No. 21 Lascar Catargiu Boulevard
  • Telephone: 021 212 96 44
  • Visiting hours:Tuesday to Saturday, 14.00 – 22.00.
  • Subway Access: Piata Romana Station
  • R.A.T.B: 300, 381

Ticket prices for observations:

  • 10 lei – adults
  • 5 lei – students, retirees, military officials, organised groups

The Astronomic Observatory Admiral Vasile Urseanu is the first Astronomic Observatory in Romania open to the public since 1910, in a private residence. Admiral Vasile Urseanu is one of the founders of the “Flammarion” Romanian Astronomic Society (1907) of which he was elected president in 1908.

In 1933, the admiral’s widow, Jeanne Urseanu, donated the building to the municipality of Bucharest, with the condition that the building keep its role of astronomic observatory for the public, a request which was present in the admiral’s will. After the war, the building’s astronomic activity began again in 1950, under the name of “The People’s Astronomic Observatory”.

Starting with 2008 the observatory’s visitors could make use of new and improved equipment, such as a professional computerized telescope with a 30cm diameter mirror. The Observatory is also equipped with two field glasses that can be used on clear nights, as well as a telescope designed for the observing of solar flares. One of the Observatory’s main activities is its astronomical class for beginners, held by experts in the field, in collaboration with members of the Bucharest Astroclub, an educational program initiated in the 60s.

Presently the Admiral Vasile Urseanu Astronomic Observatory is being reconditioned with the help of European funds, a process which will be completed in November 2016.

Observations are held by our colleagues at the Filipescu-Cesianu House (No. 151 Victoria Avenue) only if the sky is clear.

Nighttime observations: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 20:00 to 22:00, in the Filipescu-Cesianu gardens.

Daytime observations: Wednesday and Sunday, between 11:00 and 14:00, also in the Filipescu-Cesianu House’s garden.

Astronomy presentations are held on Saturdays, at Suțu Palace (No. 2, I. C. Brătianu Boulevard). For more details please check the Events section on our webpage.