5 High schools – 5 Museums (2016)

5 High schools – 5 Museums is an educational project dedicated to high school students, through which students are encouraged to actively take part in cultural manifestations.

The project aimed to involve students in a campaign to visit museums, under the form of a contest between 5 of the Capital’s high schools. Launched in 2008, the project has had a positive impact on both students and teachers. The organisers along with the partners were thus encouraged to continue the project. Until this year’s edition (9th edition – 2016) over 2000 high school students from over 40 Bucharest schools took advantage of the opportunities offered by the project.

The 9th edition will conclude in June 2016, before the end of the school year, with a festive awards ceremony. The 5 High schools – 5 Museums’ goal however is not represented by the competition itself, but by the motivation of students, inviting them to access cultural institutions. This year’s theme for the interactive visits was “Histories of Neighbourhoods: Berceni – culture and memory”, and the activities took place at the Filipescu-Cesianu House, at the exhibition “An incursion in the histories of Berceni Neighbourhood”.

The project 5 High schools – 5 Museums was organised by the ECDL Romania Foundation, with the support of the Bucharest Municipality School Inspectorate, the Bucharest Municipality City Hall, and of the 5 partner museums, including the Bucharest Municipality Museum.