Medieval finds and pottery from the Roman fort of Sexaginta Prista at Ruse

  • VELIKOVA Svetlana
  • Arheologie / Archaeology  Articolele semnate de autor
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  • Ruse
  • Sexaginta Prista
  • fort
  • perioadă medievală
  • descoperiri
  • ceranică
TITLU în română Descoperiri medievale si ceramică din fortul roman de la Sexaginta Prista în Ruse
Excerpt Sexaginta Prista is a Roman fort – a fortification on the Roman frontier defence system along the Danube and a predecessor of the contemporary town of Ruse. The site has a complex stratigraphy covering periods ranging from the Late Hellenistic period until the present day. The aim of the present research is to present the medieval finds from the 2015 excavations as well as those uncovered during previous archaeological seasons. In 2015 a compact layer comprising medieval pottery, various artefact types and coins was investigated. It had suffered serious disturbances during the periods following the medieval occupation. So far, no structures associated with this layer were identified. However, the archaeological materials published until the present moment – coins, various artefacts and pottery – suggest the existence of a settlement within the chronological borders of the 10th and11th centuries. The     presence     of nomadic pottery also     confirms     the     Pecheneg settlement on the area     of the site at the end of the 10th and during     the     early 11th century.
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  • Revista de Cercetări Arheologice şi Numismatice; III; anul 2017
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