• Address: No. 7 Domnita Anastasia Street
  • Telephone: 021 314 10 06

IMPORTANT: The Gheorghe Tattarescu Memorial Museum is closed to the public for restoration.

R.A.T.B: 61, 66, 69, 70, 85, 90, 91, 336, 601

Not far from Bucharest’s old city-center, one may find the only surviving private residence in the shape of an inn, a building which dates from the early 19th century. This was the home of painter Gheorghe Tattarescu.

The Gheorghe Tattarescu museum was founded in 1951, once the house and part of the painter’s works were donated by Georgeta Werthaimer – Tattarescu’s niece, and had its official opening in 1953.

The building which houses the Gheorghe Tattarescu Museum, declared a historical monument in 1951, includes a rich patrimony formed by paintings, graphics, decorative arts, documents, and furniture, which belonged to the artist and his family: Georgeta Werthaimer, Micaela Eleutheriade, Florance Werthaimer.

Gheorghe Tattarescu was the founder of the National School of Fine Arts (1864) and his works are featured in numerous museums and collections in country and around the world. Tattarescu was also a noted religious painter in Romania. He painted 58 churches, of which we note those in Bucharest: Colţea, Zlătari, St. Spiridon, Creţulescu, Enei.

Presently the Gheorghe Tattarescu House serves as headquarters for the Bucharest Municipality Museum’s Art Department, as well as the headquarters of the Bucharest Picture Gallery (The Pinacothèque). The works of Gheorghe Tattarescu are made available to the public through temporary exhibitions and art albums published by the Museum.