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    • Wednesday – Sunday  11.00 – 17.00
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R.A.T.B. (bus service): 300, 381

  • 10 lei – full ticket
  • 5 lei – discounted ticket (students, elders)
  • 15 lei – pictures, videos
  • Free entry for children under 7 years.

The George Severeanu Museum was the residence of the Bucharest Municipality Museum’s first director, representing a typical example of Bucharest’s architecture during the second half of the 19th century.

Radiologist George Severeanu was a passionate antiques collector who gathered valuable artifacts in the course of his lifetime. The archaeological objects within the Maria and Dr. George Severeanu Collection comprise ancient Greek pottery, clay statuettes, bronze and marble objects, Roman glassware, ancient gems and cameos, pottery belonging to the Cucuteni, Vădastra, Wietenberg and Boian cultures. Doctor George Severeanu’s numismatic collection, among the most valuable in Romania, consists of around 9,000 objects from various historical periods: Greek autonomous and provincial coins, Geto-Dacian and Celtic coins, Roman and Byzantine issues, medieval coins of the Romanian Principalities, as well as modern and contemporary ones.

The Maria and Dr. George Severeanu Collection was donated to the Bucharest Municipality Museum in 1939 with the inauguration of the residence as a museum taking place in 1956.

Starting with November 2017, after more than twenty-five years, the Bucharest public can admire the Maria and Dr. George Severeanu Collection. Closed during the early 90s due to its poor preservation state, doctor Severeanu’s house was restored and, since 2013, it hosted several thematic exhibitions displaying its archaeological and numismatic heritage. In defining the new exhibition’s theme, we attempted to associate the house’s memorial component, mirroring the everyday image of collector George Severeanu – particularly emphasized in the room that served as his office, where the original, custom made, furniture is displayed alongside books from his personal library and heritage objects, organized in the manner in which preserved contemporary photographs portray it – and the chronological history of a museum holding specific archeological and numismatic objects. All these elements are enriched by the use of modern interactive components specifically adapted to provide its visitors with a better understanding of the heritage housed by the museum. With the aid of texts placed in each room, visitors will be able to become acquainted with various categories of historical artifacts and their associated information, especially given the fact that currently no other museum or public collection in Bucharest offers a similar exhibit. The numismatic artifacts are integrated according to their chronology, origin, typology etc., focusing on the hoards gathered by the collector, so as to suggest, in harmony with associated historical information, a history of monetary circulation.

Traces of the Past – The Maria and Dr. George Severeanu Collection is an exhibition meant to promote doctor Severeanu’s impressive collection and to familiarize the public with the world of collections and collectors during the early 20th century.

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