The Bucharest Municipality Museum took part in the cultural-educational project called “The Patrimony’s Lessons” coordinated by Metrucub – Resources for Culture Association together with “Sintagma” Centre for Education and Training, Romania’s National Museum of Art, De-a Arhitectura Association, Da’DeCe Association and “George Enescu” Philharmonics. It took place from February to November 2016 and resulted in a series of publications and videos that are available for free and can be used by any person interested.

“The Patrimony’s Lessons” was an initiative of a varied group of intellectuals (experts in architecture, curriculum, history of art, theory of education, cultural education, museum education and cultural management) who offered methodological suggestions on promoting the educational values of the tangible cultural patrimony in Revolution’s Square in Bucharest.

The 2011 Law of education set the importance of skills-learning at the center of the educational process, and the project showed that arts and patrimony are excellent resources for developing communication skills in one’s native language and in other foreign languages, for learning math, sciences and technology, for using new informational and communication technologies in order to learn how to learn, for interpersonal skills and civic skills, for supporting initiative.

The project’s results:

  • Record cards with methodological suggestions for secondary school teachers, for setting up educational activities in Revolution’s Square. Subjects: math, arts, civic education, history and communication. The guide can be downloaded here: The website allows the download of lesson plans, notes for teachers and maps of cultural sites.
  • The build-up of a community interested in the applying the ideas of educational patrimony: almost 300 people interested in promoting the importance of art and patrimony in education.
  • A video guide that illustrates the steps of organizing a school class in Revolution’s Square, starting from elements of tangible and intangible patrimony, and presented as a series of 10 short episodes, available for free at


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“The Patrimony’s Lessons” was a project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration. The project does not necessarily represent the National Cultural Fund Administration. NCFA is not responsible for the project’s content or the use of its final results. These are entirely the responsibility of the grant beneficiary.