ART AS AN EXERCISE ‒ DRAWINGS OF THEODOR AMAN (Invitation to the artwork lab)


(Invitation to the artwork lab)



The year 2021 marks on March 20 the 190th anniversary of the birth of Theodor Aman and on August 19 the commemoration of the 130th anniversary of his death; we want to mark these events by organizing a commemorative exhibition.

The temporary exhibition will be entitled “ART AS AN EXERCISE ‒ Drawings of Theodor Aman” and will be opening on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, which represents another anniversary: 113 years since the inauguration of the “Theodor Aman” Museum. The exhibition will be open until the end of 2021 and aims to bring to the public lesser-known aspects (some totally new) of Theodor Aman’s creation.

The permanent exhibition is very rich and covers all the stages and techniques the artist used in his work, and respects to a large extent the interior design of the house as it was during the artist’s life, and as it may be seen in the works depicting his house, home to the current museum.

We would like to point out that the museum’s patrimony includes works of very good quality, realized in various techniques and covering multiple genres and stages of the artist’s existence, works with special features, unknown to the general public, whose value claims the need to be exhibited.

Among the works part of this inaccessible fund are 35 pencil drawings, and 25 pen drawings by Aman, which reveals a casual, very sincere facet, uncensored by the demanding filter of the academic painter, highlighting the spirit of observation, the capacity to extract the essential, the ineffable of the line that shapes the thought and brings to light the intimate nature of the artist who reveals himself behind the trace left on paper by the pencil.

Many of them are fleeting, instantaneous sketches to remember a moment, others are preparatory studies or variants, in another technique, of well-known paintings.


Greta Șuteu, museographer, The “Theodor Aman” Museum