The Cultural Marketing Conference, 5th Edition: November 22nd- 23rd 2018 Theme: “The Centenary in the digital era”

The Cultural Marketing Conference, 5th Edition: November 22nd- 23rd 2018
Theme: “The Centenary in the digital era”

The Bucharest Municipality Museum invites you to the 5th Edition of The Cultural Marketing Conference, which will be held in Bucharest on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2018.

2018 marks the celebration of the Great Union Centenary and the European Year of Cultural Heritage, offering cultural institutions important themes on communication and educational projects in order to develop the relations with different kinds of audiences. It is a moment to remember the values of the past and to reconstruct cultural discourse in a way that is better adapted to daily reality.

Generational changes and modifications of consumerist and cultural participation behaviours, under the influence of an accelerated technological development – social networks, augmented reality, VR – bring on a new challenge for cultural institutions: how to position yourself to better communicate in the digital sphere? Which are the most promising promotional channels, which are the most effective storytelling principles, to what extent can cultural communication move in the virtual space and what is the traditional cultural institutions’ mission taking this new communication context into account?

The Conference continues the series of annual meetings initiated in 2014 with the theme “Visual Identity in Museum Marketing”, continued in 2015 with the theme “Museum Education – From Exhibition Concept to Educational Activities”, in 2016 with “Cultural Audiences and Organizations: Practices and Trends”, and in 2017 with “Revaluating cultural heritage – the development of new audiences”.

Specialists who are interested in holding a presentation for the conference, starting from the proposed theme “The Centenary in the digital era”, are asked to submit a proposal until Friday October 19th 2018. The proposal should include the title of the presentation, four keywords, a summary 250 words max. and an up-to-date CV. All this should be sent via e-mail at . The selection of proposals will be done by the Cultural Marketing Conference’s Scientific Council.

Participation is free of charge and based on enrolment via e-mail at the address: