Pentru o restitutio in integrum – despre câteva descoperiri elenistice din jurul jumătăţii secolului XX

  • TALMAŢCHI Gabriel
  • Numismatică / Numismatics  Articolele semnate de autor
Limba de redactare română (şi un rezumat în engleză)
  • Callatis
  • necropolă
  • Tomis
  • polis
  • monede greceşti
  • monetării vest-pontice
  • perioadă elenistică
Excerpt For a restitutio in integrum – about some Hellenistic discoveries from around the mid-20st century.
The coins from the catalog are the result of some random discoveries, made usually after some large works on construction worksites, made through mechanized means to accomplish some socio-cultural objectives, for urban amenities and for sewerage made around the middle of the last century. Because of the difficult working conditions or even the lack of archaeologists, they did not enter into museum collections but came into the possession of many private individuals who witnessed by chance the respective archaeological discoveries in Constanţa and Mangalia, keeping them as souvenirs. The findings amount to a total of 41 coins (of which 18 silver and 23 bronze), of which 13 appeared in Tomis and 28 in Callatis. Among these, 27 are isolated finds (by chance), but 14 are part of a small deposit that probably came from a close funerary complex, affected by the works of the municipality. It was found in 1958 at the intersection of Vasile Pârvan Street with Constanţa Street, while doing some works on resizing sewerage in the area. Among an undefined number of coins, 14 silver pieces were recovered, issued at Apollonia Pontica (4 pieces), Mesembria (4 pieces) and Callatis (6 pieces). We don’t know if they were kept in a vessel or if they originated from a single grave beyond the precinct (extramuros). Also, we don’t know if there were other archeological pieces inside the eventual inventory. Still we can speculate on these possibilities based on the numerous archeological information regarding the topography of the ancient city.
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  • Revista de Cercetări Arheologice şi Numismatice; III; anul 2017
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