A recently discovered site dated to the end of the Iron Age near Riben, Dolna Mitropolia district, Northern Bulgaria (III/II c. BC – I c. AD). Preliminary report on the pottery finds.

  • ZHIVKOV Vladislav Zhivkov
  • Arheologie / Archaeology  Articolele semnate de autor
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  • Epoca târzie a fierului
  • roman timpuriu
  • ceramică tracică
  • Bulgaria de Nord
  • ştampile anepigrafice pe amfore
TITLU în română Un sit de la finalul epocii fierului recent descoperit lângă Riben, districtul Doina Mitropolia, Bulgaria de Nord (sec. III/II a.Chr. – sec. I p.Chr.). Raport preliminar asupra ceramicii.
Excerpt During the excavations of the fortified roman site near Riben, Dolna Mitropolia district in Northern Bulgaria, a destroyed layer of a pre-Roman site was partially excavated. Only pottery sherds were discovered and among them two special finds – a potter’s tool (lustrator) and an amphora handle with anepigraphic stamp. The site is situated on a well-fortified hill, close to the river Vit, although without the presence of any archeological structures it is impossible precise whether it was a hill fort or a sanctuary. The lack of finds with short chronological circulation (fibulae or coins) makes difficult to establish a tight chronology. The pottery can be devided into two groups – wheel made (mostly gray ware) and handmade. They can be dated based on pottery analogies from Bulgaria and Romania to the period from the 3rd-2nd centuries BC -to early the 1st century. The site fits well within the archaeological landscape of North-Central Bulgaria where many sites and single finds are dated to this period.
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  • Revista de Cercetări Arheologice şi Numismatice; III; anul 2017
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