Insigne ale unor şcoli militare din Rusia ţaristă în colecţia Muzeului Olteniei Craiova

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Excerpt Badges of some military schools from the Russian Empire in the collection of the Museum of Oltenia.
In this study, two badges from the collection of Medals and Decorations of the Museum of Oltenia are presented. The two badges were awarded to the graduates of the military school of the Russian Empire. The first badge is of the “Catherine II” Cadet Corps in Moscow and can be dated between 1909-1917. The history of the “Catherine II” Cadet Corps is tumultuous and spans a period of over a century. Initially the school was founded in Shklov, its founder being Lt. Semion Gavrilovich Zorich (1743-1799), one of the favourites of Catherine II. On November 28, 1909, Tsar Nicholas II approved the badge of the Corps, which was given to the graduates, to be worn on the left side of the chest. The events of October 1917 that led to the collapse of Imperial Russia also marked the end of the “Catherine II” Cadet Corps.
The second badge belongs to the “Alexandrov ” Military School in Moscow, also awarded at graduation. The beginnings of the “Alexandrov ” Military School may be placed in 1831, when the orphanage, created in a former house of Count Apraksin, was renamed the “Alexandrinsky ” Institute for Orphans, for the orphaned children of officers and soldiers. On January 27, 1850 the “Alexandrinsky” Institute for Orphans was transformed into the “Alexandrinsky” Cadet Corps and later into the “Alexandrov” Military School (1863). The newly created body was designed to educate the orphans of senior officers, of military officials and of civilians from the ranks of the aristocracy, in order to prepare the officers for the active service in all military branches. At the end of October 1917 the “Alexandrov” Military School in Moscow interrupted its operation. The school would continue to operate in exile. After its eviction from Crimea, it was transferred to Gallipoli. Between 1922-1923, the “Alexandrov” Military School functioned in Varna, Bulgaria. With regard to the badge of the military school, it was approved by Tsar Nicholas II on October 21, 1909. Numerous types/variants existed before the “October Revolution” and the period of provisional Government, including the one presented in this study.
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