The fine arts collection was founded in 1956 and in 1971 featured around 1500 paintings, drawings, tombstones, coats of arms etc.

Presently, the fine arts collection features 2395 oil paintings, watercolors, sketches and engravings.

Among the more valuable and important pieces, from an artistic and historical point of view, we mention the portraits of Costache Suțu (founder of Suțu Palace), of Irina Suțu (his daughter-in-law), and of Alexandru Suțu, as well as the portraits of Atanasie Hristopol (a well-known Greek inovator from the 19th century), of Elisabeta Marin and Elisabeta Hagi Tudorache (painted by Johann Frankenberger), the portrait of I.C. Brătianu (E. Stoenescu), the portraits of Gheorghe Bibescu, Carol Davila, Mihail Kogălniceanu (painted by Nicolae Angelescu), of C.A. Rosetti (by Al. Elliescu), of Ghe. Solacolu, and of Mayor Alexandru Donescu.

The original album of watercolors signed by Preziosi is also among the collection’s most important works.

The creations are signed by renowned artists such as Johann Frankenberger, Constantin Lecca, Carol Popp de Szathmary, Ion Luchian, Nicolae Grigorescu, Al. Elliescu, Aurel Jiquidi, Sava Henția and R. Iosif.

There are also numerous works depicting architectural, landscape and urban aspects of the city of Bucharest within the collection.