The “C.I. and C.C. Nottara” opened to the public in the year 1956 in the building at no. 105 Dacia Boulevard, through a donation made by Ana Nottara, wife of composer Constantin C. Nottara (1890-1915).

Today the museum can no longer be found at that address, as the building is no longer appropriate for the preservation of the collection or to receive museum employees and visitors. The collection will be thus moved to another building, as the former building was not the property of the Museum, the institution only administered based on a lease contract with the two inheritors of Ana Nottara.

The collection is however still the property of the Bucharest Municipality Museum, and contains historically and culturally valuable items: around 7300 books (both fiction and non-fiction), written in French, Romanian and German, photographs, documents, medals and other such decorations received by the Nottara family over the years.

The collection also features furniture pieces from the 16th century, Oriental tables, interwar paintings, statuettes and Sevres and Alt Wien porcelain items. These pieces were collected by the musician Constantin C. Nottara during his trips across Europe, where he held numerous concerts.

The Bechstein piano dominated the small music salon where people had been playing for 50 years.

After the relocation process, the collection will be reorganized in order to be once more open to the public. In the meantime, the collection items can be viewed digitally, through a virtual tour on the museum’s official website.