Tuesday, May 24th 2016, starting with 18:30, we have the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the 20th edition of the National Photography Salon “Fotogeografica”, taking place at the Suțu Palace – Bucharest Municipality Museum.

On this occasion we will also lauch the “Fotogeografica 2016” album featuring the winning works in the two categories, wildlife and landscape, as well as the best photos in the competition’s gallery. The Salon will remain open from the 24th of May to 19th of June and brings together a selection of over 800 photographs belonging to 210 contestants from all over the country.

“Fotogeografica” is the most important national competition for youth in the country, its theme being the promotion of natural, cultural and traditional Romanian values.

The project is organized by the Students’ Culture House in Bucharest, under the care of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, with the support of the Bucharest Municipality Museum, Zitec, National Geographic Romania, the Geography Faculty of the University of Bucharest, Văcărești National Park Association, Romanian Speological Association, the Faculty of Geography of Spiru haret University, radio Romania Bucharest FM, The True Velofriends, A.S.Sfinx Bucharest, Foto4ever, Salvaspeo Romania, The Students Photography Club, Gratuitor, The Old and New Bucharest, Bucharest Cultural Events, StudLand, My City.

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“Fotogeografica 2016” programme:

Tuesday, May 24th – 18.30: exhibition opening of the National Photography Salon “Fotogeografica” and book-launch of “Fotogeografica 2016” album. Suțu Palace – the Bucharest Municipality Museum.

National Photography Salon “Fotogeografica” May 24th – June 19th 2016.

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Activities dedicated to the European Days of the parks.

Wednesday, May 25th – 18.30: “Ten easy steps to start nature photography”, by Doru Panaitescu.

Thursday, May 26th – 18.30: “Columbia, South-American Contrasts”, by Professor Cristian Iojă – Bucharest University.

Saturday, May 28th – 10.00: The True Velofriends, pedaling to Văcărești; workshop at the Văcărești Observatory.

Photography workshop with Romanian Scouts Organization – St. Nicholas Centre. The Students’s Culture House in Bucharest.

Tuesday, May 31st – 18.30: “The Detonated”, by researcher Dr. Răzvan Popescu, Bucharest Univrsity, Professor Nicolae Cruceru – Spiru Haret University.

Wednesday, June 1st – 18.30: Emil Racoviță the Explorer. Short biography, by Visual Arts Foundation.

Thursday, June 2nd – 18.30: In conversation with Matei, by Silviu Matei – wildlife photographer.

Friday, June 3rd – 18.30: The Stories of the True Velofriends, by Mihai Deneș.

Tuesday, June 7th – 18.30: The Movile cave, by Cristian Lascu, National Geographic Romania.

Wednesday, June 8th – 18.30: The International Expedition of Speologic and Underwater Exploration Laos – Khammouane 2016, by Tudor Marin, Geokarst Aventure.

Exhibitions: May 24th – June 1st PhotoVeloExpeditions, at the Students’s Culture House of Bucharest

June 2nd – 19th: Wildlife, Silviu Matei. The Students’ Culture House in Bucharest.