The current social and educational context in Romania, gives non-formal education a high importance in young people’s development, as they must be continuously directed toward real and right values, including cultural values.

Given this fact, ECDL ROMANIA, the Bucharest Municipality School Inspectorate, the Bucharest City Hall and 5 museums in Bucharest, have carried out the “5 high-schools, 5 museums” project. Now at its 11th edition, the project is dedicated to high-school students and aims to encourage them to take part in cultural events by generating a “social epidemic” of museum visits, through means of competitions between 5 high-schools in Bucharest.

The selected high-school were:

  • Technical College of Architecture and Public Works “I.N. Socolescu”
  • National College “Emil Racoviță”
  • Theoretical High-School “Decebal”
  • National College “Octav Onicescu”
  • Technical College “Gheorghe Asachi”

The students were encouraged to create a social page and keep it as active as possible by promoting among their fellow school colleagues, teachers and friends the activities that they were part in, thus inspiring them to start visiting museums as well.

The museums that took part in the project were:

  • The Bucharest Municipality Museum
  • The Museum of Old western Art “Engr. Dumitru Furnică-Minovici”
  • National Museum of Natural History “Grigore Antipa”
  • National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”
  • National Military Museum “King Ferdinand I”

Taking place between January – June 2018, the 11th edition was dedicated to the Centenary of the Great Union. The theme proposed by the Bucharest Municipality Museum highlighted the temporary exhibition at the Suțu Palace, Unifying Physiognomies “All in One” – The Story of a Country Project. The museum’s specialists debated with the teenagers on the subject: From Michael the Brave to King Ferdinand. How does one build a country?