The Bucharest Municipality Museum together with Retromobil Club Romania, cordially invite on Saturday, August 1st, 18:00, at the Suțu Palace, to attend the opening of the exhibition “The Pioneers of Motoring in Bucharest”, an exhibition featuring the beginnings of motoring in Romania as well as sequences of public transportation in Bucharest.

Alongside the exhibition displayed on the fences of the Suţu Palace, the public has the opportunity to admire a few vintage cars belonging to Retromobil Club Romania.

The first self-proppeled cars in Romania were two trucks made at Garner-Serpollet factory. They had steem engines and entered the traffic of Bucharest in 1895.

The first car in Bucharest to be registered with number 1 in 1900 at the Traffic Service, was a diesel engine car made in Liege and belonging to the owner of Assan’s Mill.

Another great enthusiast of sport cars was prince Bibescu, who also ordered a car at the Liege factory. Five years later, there were 50 cars registered in Romania.