In a friendly and creative manner, this coloring book, dedicated to 5-9 year olds, reveals details about Master Theodor Aman as told by his adoptive daughter, opera singer Zina de Nory. His life and work are wrapped up in story and important elements are emphasized in exercise sections.

This book represents a unique initiative of the Bucharest Municipality Museum, which is bound to help the little ones to connect with the city’s valuable patrimony. The initiative is part of the Bucharest Municipality Museum’s strategy of familiarizing children with cultural institutions and this book is the first of a series dedicated to the very young public. For children, this book can represents a pleasant memory of their visit at the Aman Museum, as well as a tool of understanding the life of a special artist and of getting close to art in an enjoyable way that can also develop their imagination, attention and artistic skills.

The Painter Theodor Aman – Coloring book, was published by BMM Publishing House 2017, and created by Angelica Iacob, Ionica Tarău, Alexandra Zbuchea.