The Bucharest Municipality Museum was a partner for the cultural and educational project titled Museum Patrimony – A tool for learning, which took place in collaboration with Global Mindscape, The ASTRA Sibiu Museum Complex and the Institute for Education Sciences. The project took place between October and November 2015 and was co-financed by the National Cultural Funds Administration. It came as a completing extension to the project “The Caravan of Museums”, continuing the efforts to present the field of museums to children.

The novelty of approach for the Museum Patrimony – A tool for learning project was offered by the reversal of the usual relationship: the educational activities proposed by museums were constructed using the disciplines studied in school and not by each museum’s type of patrimony. Thus, several disciplines were targeted:

– Nature Sciences – from the “Mathematics and Natural Sciences” 1st to 4th grade curriculum

– Biology for 5th graders and Chemistry for 7th graders – from the “Mathematics and Natural Sciences” curriculum.

The initiative was mainly focused on organised groups of children from Primary and Gymnasium, as well as on teachers. The classes took place in museums during the first part of October 2015, at the ASTRA Sibiu Museum Complex, the Theodor Aman Museum, Suțu Palace, at the Frederic Storck and Cecilia Cuțescu Storck Museum. The activities registered 120 participating children, out of which 90 took part in classes organised in the Bucharest Municipality Museum’s units.

Within the project, teachers from Bucharest and Sibiu were invited to take part in two workshops, meant to present the project and transmit information and supporting materials on the way in which museums can be used as creative and attractive spaces for school lessons.

The workshops took place on November 12th and November 14th 2015.

The collaboration between specialists of school education, teachers, and museum education specialists produced a series of educational kits.