On Wednesday, November 19th 2014, the Bucharest Municipality Museum will open its exhibition series called “Miraculous Healings” with an exhibition dedicated to painter Gheorghe Tattarescu, who in 1864 founded the Romanian higher arts education in Wallachia.

The sub-title associated to the subject, Remembering – restorations, indicates the “double” content of these events: the organizers wish to evoke famous Romanian artists on the occasions of their anniversaries or commemorations, by exhibiting some of their most important works that have undergone a restoration process.

School founder, important historical painter and one of the most prolific religious painters of the 19th century, Gh. Tattarescu was a remarkable figure of modern art, whose 120 years death-commemoration is marked this year.

The exhibition is hosted by the Bucharest Municipality Museum, at the Suțu Palace, from November 19th 2013 to January 15th 2014.