Handcrafted astronomical instruments

Handcrafted astronomical instruments



Amateur astronomy is one of the most common passions, as shown by the number of amateur astronomers in the country and in the world. Observing celestial bodies is essential, which is why amateurs use commercial and artisanal astronomical instruments. Over time in Romania an impressive number of astronomical instruments and telescopes have been built, used on clear nights for detailed observations of the Moon, planets and stars.

The exhibition called “Handcrafted Astronomical Instruments” will contain astronomical instruments (telescopes and mountings) made by astronomy enthusiasts in Romania and some copies from the collection of the Astronomical Observatory, and aims to present the ingenuity of astronomy enthusiasts, manifested over time, when our country was isolated from the international movement of astronomers, but also after 1990.

10 astronomical instruments will be exhibited, accompanied by their story, and if it will be possible the amateur astronomers who built them will be invited to the opening. Exhibition time: September 1 ‒ December 31, 2021.



In the picture: Vladimir Boico and his collection of handcrafted astronomical instruments


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