The Bucharest Municipality Museum and “My Dear Bucharest” Association cordially invite you to attend a unique exhibition that recovers fragments of subject from our recent history: “Age at a Glance”. The exhibition opening will take place Tuesday, September 19th, 18:00, in the courtyard of the Filipescu-Cesianu House.

If “The Museum of Ages”, the permanent exhibition of the Filipescu-Cesianu House, offers a perspective on man’s changes throughout centuries under the influence of historical time and changing ages – fashion, regimes, tech devices etc. – the exhibition “Age at a Glance” ads a new perspective on people’s transformations throughout the subjective time of their lives.

In a “Then and Now” scenario, the exhibition brings people photographed in 2007 face to face with their ‘80s “replica”. Communism vs democracy, youth vs adulthood, past vs present.

The exhibition displays 18 pair “items”: Adrian Majuru, Andrei Bîrsan, Angelica Iacob, Corneliu Trică, Cristina Anghel, Dan Soroceanu, Daniela Ciurescu, Gabriel Tomoș, Gabriela Matei, Izet Iugel, Lidia Iftode, Liviu Dumitru, Marian Iliescu, Raisa Martău, Sorin Cutuca, Ștefan Buică, Vasile Popa, Victor Maghiari. They all welcome you with their life stories of the past 30 years gone by like wind.

The old photos were taken by Andrei Bîrsan, and (most of) the new ones by Mihai Petre, Andrei Bîrsan and Mihaela Bîrsan, or are part of the private collection of the story’s characters.

The outdoor exhibition “Age at a Glance” can be visited in the courtyard of the Filipescu-Cesianu House until October 15th 2017.

An event organized by the Bucharest City Hall through the Bucharest Municipality Museum.