On the occasion of this posters exhibition, the Bucharest Municipality Museum celebrates Margareta Pâslaru, the artist that revolutionized Romanian easy-listening music during her 58 years career.

The exhbition named Margareta Pâslaru – Autumn, let my trees stay green/ Here, have my eyes instead.” brings together in the hallway of the Suțu Palace, a collection of posters of the artist’s best shows in the country and from abroad, as well as posters of the films that marked her ascension on multiple levels.

The exhibition opening will take place on Tuesday, November 24th, 14:00, and remains open to the public until January 10th 2016.

A series of retrospective images, that are bound to make us nostalgic, highlight Margareta Pâslaru’s exceptional caeer: from posters of her well-known movies such as Veronica 1972, to posters of her easy-music concert Autumn, let my trees stay green in 1981, and her most recent performances, such as The Margareta Pâslaru Medalion organized on her 50 years debut-celebration at Cantacuzino Palace’s Aula on September 22 2008. Furthermore, the exhibition represents an overview of the evolution of posters throughout the last decades and even from 1963, 1964 ad 1965.

Margareta Pâslaru debuted on radio with The Call of the Sea, a song that broke all charting records of Electrorecord in 1961. Throughout the years, 65 composers wrote pieces for her and as a result Margareta Pâslaru created a vast repertoire, one that also includes international hits. The esteemed singer performed as a film and theatre actress, approached folk music at the advice of Maria Tănase and also wrote music and lyrics whose quality is testified by the longevity of her hit Autumn, let my trees stay green, that inspired the name of our exhibition.

We ought to remember that in 1994, composer George Grigoriu named Margareta Pâslaru a myth of easy-listening music. Furthermore, at the launching event of Margareta 70 album at Radio Hall in November 2013, Iuliana Tudor stated: “I am grateful to Margareta Pâslaru for being an example, for being the artist that she is and for the important traces that she leaves inside every Romanian’s heart, from children to adults. I thank her and I bow to her, as we all should. Congratulations and all the very best.”

* Margareta Pâslaru will give autographs and dedications only on the opening day, Tuesday, November 24th 2015, on her own book „The Time and Me”, published by Curtea Veche.