U R B A N I T A S  

Journal of Integrated Urban Studies

Issue no. 2 – 2021

The Bucharest Municipality Museum (BMM) launches a call for contributions for the second issue of the Journal of Integrated Urban Studies – URBANITAS, which includes and integrates, in addition to history and museography, other fields of urban studies: heritage, architecture, urbanism, sociology, anthropology, geography and cultural studies.

The history of the city and The urban heritage are the basic themes of this editorial project, completed in each issue by a variable thematic file, developed and contextualized annually around the communications presented at the Symposium of History and Urban Heritage, organized by the BMM. The first issue of the Urbanitas journal, published in 2020, gathered 23 original studies, grouped in three thematic files in approximately equal proportions and can be purchased from the museum stands within MMB or consulted for free on the official website of MMB.

For the second issue of the journal (no. 2 – 2021) we look forward to original works from the fields mentioned above, and in addition to the current thematic file this year we have as a landmark the urban sanitary crises and solutions developed over time, from antiquity to the present, in all respects and from various perspectives of analysis.

Interested authors are invited to send us their contributions by November 1, 2021. The size of the materials can be between 10 and 15 pages.

Manuscripts will be sent to:

The publication guide can be consulted at the end of the first issue, accessible in pdf format at