Țăndărică Theatre’s 70 years of puppetry history presented at the Suțu Palace!

Țăndărică Theatre continues its “70  years” anniversay events and invites you to the opening of the exhibition „Țăndărică’s Journey”, a fascinating story that deserves to be seen! The event takes places on Friday, Auguts 7th, 17:00, at the Bucharest Municipality Museum – the Suțu Palace.

Puppet theatre is like a red wire connecting childhood and adolescence, a constant element in the becoming of every generation. Therefore, “Țăndărică’s Journey” is aimed at young children but also at anyone interested in culture, history and theatre.

“We, the Țăndărică Theatre, have a rule: we go where our public is. That is why we are telling the story of Țăndărică’s Journey through an itinerary exhibition that will remain in Bucharest for 6 weeks. The exhibited puppets are carefully chosen from the theatre’s 70 years old collection and highlight the main moments in the evolution of puppet theatre in Romania, remembering the artists and the characters that established the fame of this special form of theatre art.”, said Călin Mocanu, director of the Țăndărică Theatre.

Puppet theatre is the oldest form of performance show in Romania. At the beginning, performances were inspired by Comedia dell’Arte, with characters and events adapted to the national context. Later on – during the autumn of 1945 – the Puppet Theatre was founded under the management of actress Lucia Calomeri and with other artists of the time. Together they staged the first show: “Țăndărică Sailing the Southern Seas” – the beginning of Țăndărică’s Journey.

Nowadays, in Romania, puppet theatre is focused on two mai directions: theatre as art and theatre as educational method. If this last direction is represented by the repertorial content – namely the text -, the artistic component is provided by the scenographer together with the director and the actor-turned-character.

„The child develops a cultivated intelligence filled with pictures, they think in pictures, play with pictures and memorise visually. I often hear people saying <<children nowadays don’t read anymore>>. It’s not actually true. They absorb their information differently than we do, we must encourage them to work with new technologies, with their new books and gadgets. It is essential that we always take them into account. We want them to come to us, so must be careful not to bore them and forcefully <<culturalize>> them! They should go to the theatre as they go to play, with interest, friendliness, hapiness and even cheekiness if you will. We ought to give them a space where they can be… free.” Also said Călin Mocanu.

The exhibition „Țăndărică’s Journey” will take place between August 7th and September 20th, from Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00, at the Bucharest Municipality Museum – the Suțu Palace, No. 2 I.C. Brătianu in University Square.