The Bucharest Municipality Museum and Spiru Haret University of Architecture cordially invite yout to attend the opening of the exhibition “Bucharest in the Projects of Architecture Students from Spiru Haret University”, taking place on Tuesday, April 19th 2016, 18:00, at the Suțu Palace.

The teaching activity at the Architecture Department of Spiru Haret University is defined by the importance given, in terms of hours and credits, to vocational subjects such as “Architecture Design”,“Architecture Synthesis”, “Representations in Architecture”, “Specialty Project”, “Optional Project”. These subject bring together most of the tutors, each year of study having a designated coordinator.

The architecture workshop is the central point for students to synthetize practice and theory. Most of the assignments consist in urban-architectural projects that involve coherently structuring and organizing complex functions, thus creating spatial-volumetric compositions that harmoniously converse with the existing architecture or that complete the natural site.

The exhibition on display has selected the most representative projects of the last two years situated in central parts of the Capital. The projects follow the architectural object’s harmonious integration within the site by highlighting the existing urban fabric.

Among the exhibited projects some of the most notable are: the rehabilitation of the Capitol Cinema and Summer Garden; Collective Houses in the Moșilor-Carol-Mântuleasa Area; the Reactivation of Inns and Artisan Markets on Moșilor Avenue; the Conservation, Rehabilitation si Restauration of Villacrosse Passage; Assan’s Mill; the Urban Assembly next to Văcărești Natural Park; Residential Area with Low-Level Buildings in the Pantelimon Lake area; a few diploma projects about locations in Bucharest etc.

The exhibition will be open between April 19th and May 22nd 2016, from Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00.