An event-exhibition exploring the Capital’s new architecture, from 1990 to present days.

Between the radicalism of the beginning and the major cultural stake of present architecture, the 25 years that have passed are marked by multiple thematic beams, always branching out and reuniting, intersected or juxtaposed. The exhibition proposes an open reading of the most interesting projects of the time, advancing the consistent steps taken by Arhitext magazine. The fertile tension between the fascination for inter-war modernism and alternative visions on art, gradually building up a local avantgarde, is critically examined. Starting with 2000, the exhibition highlights the sensible and creative approach to the Capital’s existing patrimony of buildings, as well as steps taken by architects to shed light on urban and public vocation of architectural creation.

A critical view, a call to reflection, to set-up new connections and examine unknown similarities. So that history becomes a way for us to imagine and build the future.