The Royal Embassy of Romania, the Bucharest Municipality Museum and the Theodor Aman Museum are pleased to invite you at the opening of the posters exhibition “1814 The Year of Miracles” on Saturday, October 18th 2014, 11:00, at the Theodor Aman Museum (8 C.A. Rosetti Street). This event will also celebrate the Norwegian Constitution’s 200 years anniversary.

Her Excellency Ms. Tove Bruvik Westberg, Ambassador of Norway in Romania, will open this event together with Mr. Adrian Majuru, director of the Bucharest Municipality Museum. The guests of this event are members of the diplomacy, the mass media, members of civil societies and of the academia.

During a very turbulent year, Norway adopted its first constitution on May 17th 1814. That was the year Norway earned its independence from Denmark and united with Sweden. The union of the two countries lasted until 1905. Norway’s Constitution is the oldest constitution in Europe that is still being used. It has been amended a number of times, but it was never replaced by a new constitution.

The purpose of this exhibition is to offer the Romanian public a general look on the most important political events of 1814, as well as to present some of the main points of Norway’s Constitution in its current form.

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