• iulie 11, 2018 - 11:00

Interactive educational program: “The Naughty Egg” – at Dr. Nicolae Minovici Folk Art Museum

Wednesday, July 11th 2018. 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM

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“The Naughty Egg” is a cultural education workshop leading us on a journey to discover some of the traditional symbols that inspired Romanian creativity: the egg and the bird.

Led by a naughty egg-shaped character, we will playfully explore the painted eggs collections and the decorative vessels collection.

We will then see a puppet show telling us the stories “The Old Lady Ate Eggs” and “The Little Purse with Two Coins” by Ion Creangă.

Finally, during an activity dedicated to creativity, we will paint the egg and the bird symbols using the collage technique.

“The Naughty Egg” is the first module of the program called “The Egg, the Bowl and the Divan”, organized by the Dr. Nicolae Minovici Folk Art Museum and taking place throughout July-November 2018. Next modules will be: “The Blue Bowl” – on clay vessels, pottery and traditional recipes – , and “The Divan with Stories” – on clothing fabrics and household chores.

Created together with Artelier D Association and the Bucharest Municipality Museum, “The Egg, the Bowl and the Divan” aims to familiarize 3 to 10 year olds with the heritage of Dr. Nicolae Minovici Folk Art Museum as well as with Dr. Nicolae Minovici himself, the founder of the museum.

Through storytelling, art and educational activities, we will stimulates children’s curiosity for Romanian traditions and artefacts. We will explore folk art inspired by traditions and field work, we will find out about the uses of ingredients such as corn and grains in traditional recipes and we will also research materials such as wool, linen, hemp used in various activities of the traditional society.

The program is coordinated by Daniela Mișcov, cultural educator, and Despina Hașegan, expert on heritage programs. The first part of the program, “The Little House with Romanian Legends”, took place in the summer of 2017, with the same team.

The activity lasts an hour and half and is adapted to age groups.

Bookings can be made at artelier@yahoo.com

Ticket price: 10 lei/person.