The textiles and clothing accessories collection encompasses 2091 objects of great diversity, pieces of artistic, historical and memorial value.

The collection features a series of Oriental and Occidental garbs, from the 18th – 19th centuries, which also have numerous accessories typical of that period: satchels, buckles, clasps, belts, slippers, headwear and other decorative elements. Aside from these the collection also features clothing fit for the Royal Court, for balls, or for travelling, as well as merchant and suburbanite clothing, showcasing the evolution of fashion on Romanian lands. There are also dresses, for Ladies and boyar women, Oriental clothing, a Turkish bride’s dress, as well as clothing that had belonged to political figures: the mantle of ruler Gh. Bibescu, bearing the bullet mark produced during the 9th-11th of June 1848 coup, the robe attributed to Magister C. A. Rosetti, made of black taffeta, and a diplomat’s suit attributed to Nicolae Kretzulescu.

For the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, even though feminine clothing is predominant within the collection (dresses, blouses, jackets, velvet coats, skirts) male clothing is also featured (suits, vests, shirts, shoes, hats, ties).

Among the clothing accessories one may find hats, shoes, gloves, fans, handkerchiefs, satchels and purses, made out of the fabrics of the time.

The collection also includes a variety of clothing items of the formal kind, such as diplomatic dress coats and military uniforms. There are also rugs, tapestries, carpets, tablecloths, different fabrics and knits, flags and other related items.