The religious items and icons collection from the Bucharest Municipality Museum’s heritage is representative for the late period of Romanian religious art (17th to 19th century).

The collection stands out through the richness of artistic features, from religious scenes painted on wood and glass, frescos, to metalwork.

The collection’s items are Orthodox and Catholic. The largest part of the collection is represented by Orthodox religious paintings on wood, 136 in number.

Within the collection we often come across depictions of Saint Nicholas, Saint John the Baptist, Saint George, Archangel Michael, and, of course, the Madonna holding the infant Jesus and Christ Pantocrator.

One of the most valuable religious paintings of the collection was made around the late 16th century and depicts the Deisis theme.

Another special category, although not featuring many examples, is the category of painted plaster statues, representative for the Catholic faith (such as the “Madonna” statue, 18th century).

The collection also features the Royal Religious Icons and the Văcăreşti Monastery frescos.