It is an exceptional piece from the Textiles and Clothing Accessories Collection of the Bucharest Municipality Museum.


The ladies’ promenade or walking suit is inspired by British fashion, a model that became popular in the last quarter of the 19th century. It is made out of light brown corduroyed velvet, with cerulean blue longitudinal stripes. The jacket has a shawl-collar and a cream-coloured lace shirtfront featuring a high collar, and long bouffant sleeves that become more fitted around the elbows. The ample ankle-length skirt is cut in a bié style using four gussets, “morning-glory” type. This kind of clothing item was still worn during WWI.


The object can be admired in the exhibition BUCHAREST UNDER OCCUPATION (1916-1918), open at Suțu Palace until October 29th 2017.