The George Severeanu Museum was the residence of The Bucharest Municiplaity Museum’s first Director, and represents an architectural style typical of Bucharest during the second half of the 19th century.

Radiologist Dr. George Severeanu was an avid collector of antiquities, amassing throughout his life a vast number of valuable artifacts. The series of archaeological items from the Maria and Dr. George Severeanu collection features Ancient Greek vases (one of the largest and most valuable collections of this kind), Tanagra statuettes, bronze and marble items, Roman glasswork, ancient gems and cameos, and Cucuteni, Vădastra, Wittenberg and Boian ceramics. All pieces had been bought by George Severeanu from places in Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, and Greece. Dr. George Severeanu’s numismatic collection, one of the most valuable ones in Romania, encompasses around 9000 pieces dating from different historical periods: autonomous and provincial Greek issues, Geto-Dacian and Celtic coins, Roman and Byzantine pieces, medieval coins from Wallachia, as well as more modern and contemporary issues.

The “Maria and Dr. George Severeanu” collection was donated to the Bucharest Municipality Museum in 1939, however the Severeanu residence had its official opening as a museum later, in 1956.


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The George Severeanu Museum has begun an extensive design project for its permanent exhibition and it will be reopened from November 2017. We'll come back with details. Thank you!